The Experience


Sukhum Meephansan, as a successful businessman in the southern Thai province of Songkla, spent over 30 years collecting the most beautiful pieces of art and furniture he could find in Thailand. In time, he moved his base to Bangkok and made his living as a restaurateur with the famous Koh Lanta restaurant, which is now adjacent to the resort. However, his heart continually dwelt on art and design. 

Eventually, Mr. Sukhum decided the time had come to unveil a vision that had been growing in him. He desired not only to showcase the collection he had built up but to demonstrate his long-nurtured artistic talent with the creation of a magical world he designed filled with the art he had acquired, in a way that followed nothing more than the imagination and appreciation of beauty and luxury.

While still a child in Songkla, Mr. Sukhum had become fascinated with the way the traditional brick kiln was used to make bricks. This remained in his memory when he set about designing the villas for the resort, producing their intriguing pagoda shape, making the resort easily recognized from afar, and their comforting earth tones. He filled them with the beautiful decorative items, furniture and sculptures from his personal antiques collection. Every item has a story behind it. All of these he arranged in such a way as to create the desired effect of tranquility and luxurious enjoyment.

The Ammata Lanta Resort was conceived to become a memorial to Mr. Sukhum’s own love of art and the fascinating history of times past, but also a world of its own and a landmark in the country which everyone could enjoy for generations to come.   

Whether you notice with surprise the delightful 18th century European style portrait of an aristocratic family in a palace courtyard over a lobby door, the antique wooden Chinatown gold shop counter there, the mural depicting an ancient scene of Thai history, the many intriguing touches in the villas, the beautiful chandeliers or the figure 8-shaped pool and the gorgeously lit Pegasus statues in the evening, there is something to delight the senses everywhere you turn your gaze. In this way, the entire resort has become a work of art itself featuring a collage of visual arts.

Surely in a list of “1,000 places to stay before you die”, Ammata Lanta Resort is one of the most fascinating attractions in Samut Prakan province, as well as being a serene and luxurious — not to mention photogenic — resort appealing to individual travelers, couples, business travelers and families.

Mr. Sukhum cordially invites tourists to pay a visit to us or stop by for a delicious meal in Suphannahong restaurant while appreciating the opulent beauty of art ensconced in luxury, which has made Ammata Lanta Resort a landmark and the only one of its kind in the world.